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Cataract Surgery

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Sheth and his team performed my Cataract Surgery.  The outcome was perfect.   Dr. Sheth and his team made me feel like I was their only patient.  Dr. Sheth is brilliant, caring, and has outstanding expertise in his field and should definitely be acknowledged. Imagine getting perfect eyesight back with no pain and so clear.  Dr. Sheth and his team are always there to answer any questions I had before and after surgery.  Saying thank you does not seem enough after getting my eyesight back.  God bless you and thank you Dr. Sheth.

J. Contrada
Date: 7/9/2014


Dear Dr. Sheth,

I'm writing you in regards to my eye surgery and your recommendation of the multifocal lens. I've never been so pleased with the changes to my life. I do a lot of woodworking, welding and outdoor activities. Prior to my surgery I had to fight with face shields, safety glasses, steamed glasses, waiting for my glasses to readjust to the indoor light, and not to mention many trips back to the doctor to get my prescription corrected.

Now I can do all my woodworking, welding, indoor/outdoor projects without any of the above aggravation. No need to worry about my lenses getting scratched when I put the safety glasses over my regular glasses. I can now read the small lines on a tape measure. Thanks to my new multifocal lens I can even thread a needle.

Once again, thank you for everything. I hope this letter touches upon how important your work is to making people see without restrictions.

C. T. Ciampa of Medford, MA
Date: 12/15/09

I had been a patient of Dr. Nilesh Sheth for awhile  and then it became evident I needed cataract surgery.  In May of 2009 Dr. Sheth performed my first cataract surgery which was followed a short time later by surgery on my other eye.  I chose multifocal lenses for both eyes after discussion with Dr. Sheth.  He thoroughly explained the pros and cons of the different lenses so I made my lens selection with confidence. It was one of the best decisions I have made as after many decades I no longer need glasses.

Since I was so pleased with the cataract surgery results, I decided to have my astigmatism in one eye corrected with laser surgery performed by Dr. Sheth. Once again I was very pleased with the results.

Every member of Dr. Sheth's staff was most helpful during these processes. They were knowledgeable, kind and considerate.

Date: 5/2012


Dr. Nilesh Sheth and Staff,

Just a note to tell you how pleased I am about the results of the cataract operation on my right eye.  when I first learned that my eye was going to be cut into, I was quite apprehensive.  However, fromt he moment I entered the LASIK clinic, everyone made me feel calm and reassured.  During the procedure I could not feel anything, and the operating tem was very gentle.  Afterwards, I had a patch, given some clear instruction about post-operative procedures, and went home.  When the patch was removed later that day, I felt nothing but mild irritation similar to having a speck of something in my eye, which went away overnight.  As the days passed I began to look forward to the day when my other eye could be done.

But, the good news is yet to come.  After about a week I was aware that I was not seeing too clearly.  Took my glasses off and realized the affected eye could see very clearly.  My vision had been restored so well, that I did not need the prescription lens for that eye and had the lens popped out.  I was grateful that I had opted for the special lens.  It was worth the cost.!  Now I really am looking forward to the day when the other eye can be done.

I also want to express my thanks to everyone at the eye center as well.  They are warm, friendly, and very professional.  It is one clinic I do not dread going to.

Thank you, all.


A. Cancelli




































3 Woodland Road, Suite 120, Stoneham, MA 02180

PH: 781-979-0960 | FAX: 781-979-0618
EMAIL: shethhorsleyeyecenter@gmail.com

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