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Free LASIK Evaluation

Free LASIK Evaluation

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Vision Correction

Laser Vision Correction Boston - Laser Eye Surgery Stoneham


Laser vision correction questions answered 24 hours a day: Call 1-781-979-0960.


  Laser Vision Correction Boston and Stoneham, Massachusetts

Laser vision correction Boston is now in its second decade of helping patients reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. As testimony to its life changing benefits, thousands of ophthalmologists and optometrists around the world have become so impressed with the results of laser eye surgery Stoneham that over one million procedures are now performed each year. At the Sheth-Horsley Eye Center our patients continuously tell us they appreciate our commitment to being on the cutting edge of this exciting technology.

Heavy patient demand for laser vision correction Boston has inspired surgeons and laser manufacturers to make tremendous advancements in both Excimer laser technology and surgical technique. When laser vision correction was first performed in 1988, only low to moderately nearsighted patients without astigmatism could be treated. Today, with the second and third generation Excimer lasers, very low to moderately high degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can be effectively treated. And for many patients that had large pupils, thin corneas or other contraindications for laser vision correction, newer surgical techniques now allow them to enjoy the benefits of clear vision without dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Only a few years ago these patients would not have been good candidates for laser vision treatment.

Laser Vision Correction at the Sheth-Horsley Eye Center (Near Boston)

All laser vision correction procedures are not the same. Because of our dedication to excellence, the Sheth-Horsley Eye Center is recognized as the premium eye care provider in the area. Our surgeons are highly trained in a number of laser vision correction procedures. And we've invested in the laser vision technology needed to provide you with the best possible care. Dr. Sheth has successfully performed thousands of vision correction procedures and is ready to help you choose the option that's best for your individual vision problem, whether you're nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism.

Laser Vision Correction Boston and Stoneham, Massachusetts


The cost of vision correction varies among practices, based on surgeon experience and what the center includes in the fee. We are not the least expensive providers because we never sacrifice safety to save you money. We have invested heavily in advanced laser technology and our diagnostic technology is second to none. This investment is extremely important to surgical results and our patients tell us they can see the difference. We encourage you to visit other laser centers to compare. Please download our "How to chose a laser vision provider" form, found in Patient Forms.

It's only natural to want to get the best price, but remember, quality and service are extremely important when it comes to medical care. After all, laser vision correction is a procedure you'll have only once in your lifetime and your vision is one of your most important assets. The best way to find out exactly what your price will be is to schedule an exam. After a comprehensive evaluation to determine what procedures you're a candidate for and what degree of correction you need, we'll be able to give you a specific price.

A few insurance companies do pay for all or part of vision correction procedures. You can check with you plan administrator, or we will be happy to make a copy of your insurance card and check coverage for you. Many people have medical flex plans they use to save up to 50 percent on their procedure by using pre-tax dollars. Your employer's human resources department can tell you whether you have this benefit. Vision correction may be tax deductible as a medical expense (check with your financial advisor).

If you do not have insurance coverage, we do offer affordable payment plans starting as low as $69 per month for both eyes. It is easy to apply online and receive credit approval before you schedule an appointment. We also accept cash, personal checks, Visa and MasterCard.

Laser Vision Correction Boston and Stoneham, Massachusetts

3 Woodland Road, Suite 120, Stoneham, MA 02180

PH: 781-979-0960 | FAX: 781-979-0618
EMAIL: shethhorsleyeyecenter@gmail.com

Sheth-Horsley Eye Center BBB Business Review

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